Santiago Road North

Known as road trip leading to Santiago de Compostela, the tomb of the Apostle Santiago, in any of its forms, either by the coastal road, the French... or any other Pilgrim. Normally it is done on foot, but also is usually done by bike or on horseback. What is clear is that the road is considered a trip not only physical, but spiritual, mental, also thanks to you discover unknown corners, much of the Peninsula, as same us and of those with whom we share the road. The truth is that it is a unique and enriching experience.
There is a primitive road that went from Oviedo to Galicia, but the discovery of the tomb of the Apostle, every traveller made his way from his home. This is that some people say that the path begins at the home of each pilgrim from the moment that a first step towards Santiago. Not to mention this, some routes became popular for reasons such as security, better signaling, ease of provisioning... But none is more "real" than another.

In 1993, Unesco included the Camino de Santiago in the World Heritage list. Needed to put some order and choosing a path as representative. You chose the French way as the most transited in antiquity. Still so. In 2015 the title is broad to the North Road with all its variants. Northern or coast road runs through all the North of the Peninsula along the Cantabrian coast and along its main cities: San Sebastián, Bilbao, Santander, Gijon, Oviedo... It is as old as the French, and the second longest after the silver route. It is a special election, both the terrain and landscape. Although the public hostels network is not very wide, signage is very good.

Another busy election is the Basque way of the Interior. Also known as "Bayonne" or "tunnel of San Adrian". Part des Irun and joins with the French in Santo Domingo de la Calzada. In Roman times it was considered the gateway to the center of the Peninsula.
The route that passes through Bilbao to Portugalete is completely urban, but no less beautiful... and lasts! We invite you to make a stop along your way and discover everything that Bilbao has to offer you. It is worth.

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